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Agency Details

Agency Number: NG2347
Start Date: 01 Jul 1925
End Date: 10 May 1950

James Denton Toosey left in his will certain moneys to his trustees with instructions to erect and maintain a hospital for the poor of the Longford district free of charge.

Toosey Memorial Hospital was established some time prior to July 1925.

Nevertheless, while still a private hospital the Hospital's Trustees applied successfully in 1946 for an exemption from a private hospital license under section 54 of the Hospital Act 1918 in order to be eligible for Commonwealth financial assistance.

Toosey Memorial Hospital was constituted a public hospital by an Order in Council on 10 May 1950.

Information Sources:

Will of James Denton Toosey (AOT ref. AD960/25 #5998); General Correspondence of the Hospital & Medical Services Division 1946-50 (AOT ref HSD6)

Legislation Administered:

Legislation Creating:

Will of James Denton Toosey (AOT ref. AD960/25 #5998)

Legislation Abolishing Agency:

Hospitals Act 1918 (9 Geo V No.70) (Order in Council 10 May 1950:TGG 17 May p.1347)

Functions Performed:
Subsequent Agencies:
TA462 TOOSEY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 10 May 1950 31 Dec 1990
Series Created By Agency:
AE723  IN-PATIENT REGISTERS 29 Jun 1925 30 Jun 1991
AE729  VISITORS' BOOK 01 Aug 1925 30 Oct 1960