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Series Details

Series Number: CON13
Start Date: 01 Jan 1810
End Date: 12 Aug 1859
Contents Start Date:
Contents End Date:
Date Range of Holdings:
  • 01 Jan 1810 to 31 Dec 1826
  • 01 Jan 1830 to 31 Dec 1836
  • 01 Jan 1845 to 31 Dec 1852
  • 01 Apr 1857 to 12 Aug 1859
Access: Open
Creating Agency:
TA60 CONVICT DEPARTMENT 01 Jan 1818 31 Dec 1877
Description (Content/Function):

Under the British Transportation Acts104 a property in the services of the convicts was conveyed by the Crown to the contractor responsible for transporting them to the place of transportation, and on arrival from the Contractor to the Governor; the nominal lists known as assignment lists were the enclosures in the deed poll by which this conveyance was made. After the Act of 1824 the list as it was received by the Colonial Office from the Home Office was merely sent to the Governor, without any covering document.

Details regularly given are: name where and when convicted and sentence.

How to Use Series:

Digital images of this record series are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages. Copies may be made for private research/study but any other use requires permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

System of Arrangement:

The individual lists were physically arranged and bound into volumes. As such there are instances of double pagination where both the individual parts and then the whole volume were paginated. Indexed references to individuals are usually made to the circled page number, which is the superimposed number over the entire contents of the parts of the volumes.

Information Sources:

Items in Series:
CON13/1/1 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Jan 1810 31 Dec 1820
CON13/1/2 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Jan 1820 31 Dec 1823
CON13/1/3 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Jan 1824 31 Dec 1826
CON13/1/4 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Feb 1830 12 Apr 1841
CON13/1/5 Assignment lists and associated papers 12 Oct 1830 11 Aug 1832
CON13/1/6 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Sep 1832 31 Dec 1834
CON13/1/7 Assignment lists and associated papers 31 Dec 1834 11 Dec 1835
CON13/1/8 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Sep 1835 10 Dec 1836
CON13/1/9 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Nov 1844 30 Sep 1845
CON13/1/10 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Jan 1845 31 Dec 1846
CON13/1/11 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Jan 1851 31 Dec 1852
CON13/1/12 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Jan 1857 12 Aug 1859
CON13/1/13 Assignment lists and associated papers 01 Jan 1845 31 Dec 1845
CON13/1/14 Assignment lists and associated papers - Hibernia (previously contained within CON13/1/1) - pages 297-307 01 Jan 1818 31 Dec 1819