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Series Details

Series Number: CON44
Start Date: 01 Sep 1833
End Date: 18 Sep 1866
Contents Start Date:
Contents End Date:
Date Range of Holdings:
Access: Open
Creating Agency:
TA60 CONVICT DEPARTMENT 01 Jan 1818 31 Dec 1877
Description (Content/Function):

This series consists of convicts' applications for the various boons it was possible for the Governor to grant: permission to marry, tickets-of-leave, conditional pardons, to have families sent from their native place; together with supporting papers. The latter take the form of recommendation from various officials and others, and the opinions of the Comptroller-General. Some are addressed to the latter and some to the Governor, to whom all were referred. See also CSO1/1/378 file 8600 for further memorials.

How to Use Series:

Digital images of this record series are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages. Copies may be made for private research/study but any other use requires permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.

System of Arrangement:

The series comprises volumes and individual documents

Information Sources:

Items in Series:
CON44/1/1 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - Memorial to Lieutenant-Governor - James Earls to marry Ellen Robins 25 Sep 1833
CON44/1/2 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - copies of certificates of good character - Aaron Price, Norfolk Island 01 Nov 1838 31 Jan 1845
CON44/1/3 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - Letter re convict John Smith of Governor Ready 13 Apr 1837
CON44/1/4 Convicts' memorials for indulgences- Appllications for conditional pardon - Margaret Wilson, St Vincent and Mary Williams, Emma Eugenia 3 18 Nov 1852 26 Mar 1853
CON44/1/5 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - volume 01 Sep 1833 31 Oct 1864
CON44/1/6 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - volume 01 Sep 1833 31 Oct 1864
CON44/1/7 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - volume 01 Sep 1833 31 Oct 1864
CON44/1/8 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - collected documents 05 Apr 1855 30 Nov 1864
CON44/1/9 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - volume 15 May 1860 18 Dec 1860
CON44/1/10 Convicts' memorials for indulgences - volume 01 Jan 1844 31 Dec 1844
CON44/2/1 Elizbeth Hawkins (Hindostan) & William Rosewood (free) 20 Sep 1845
CON44/2/2 Petition from John Norris (Waterlily) & Mary Ann Longey (free), also note from Chief constable in support of Norris 13 Sep 1848
CON44/2/3 Affadavit: George Williams (Lady Kennaway) & Ann Scott (Navarino) 13 Jun 1845
CON44/2/4 Affadavit: Michael Teaken (Argyle) & Alice Fitzgerald (free) and letter to Dykes 26 Apr 1847
CON44/2/5 Approval: Thomas Dykes (TL/John Calvin) & Mary McCormack (Anna Maria) 30 May 1853 31 Dec 1855
CON44/2/6 Petition & approval: Robert Henshaw (free) Catherine Smith (Barretts Jnr), inc. notes of support from Henshaw's employer & superintendant of Brickfields Hiring Depot 17 Jan 1851
CON44/2/7 Petition & approval: Robert Bingley & Ellen Lee (Earl Grey), inc. notes of support from employers/Ellen needed to prove she was no longer married 09 Mar 1852 31 Dec 1852
CON44/2/8 Affadavit: James Hadden & Emma Stonehouse, both free 28 Jun 1857
CON44/2/9 Petition from William Painter (Hyberabad) & Ann Willocks (Cadet 2)/question on Painter's ability to support a wife 11 May 1852 31 Dec 1853
CON44/2/10 Petition & affadavit: Edward Baker (Anson) & Eliza Gemmel/ Edward required to prove wife was not living 18 Sep 1866
CON44/2/11 Petition & affadavit: Thomas Jackson (TL/Dromedary) & Ellen Kirk (free) 24 Oct 1845
CON44/2/12 Petition: Robert Hitt (TL/Somersetshire) & Margaret Hehir (Earl Grey) 24 Jun 1851
CON44/2/13 Declaration by Timothy Coleman (Maitland) that he believed his wife no longer lived 10 Oct 1850 01 Jan 1852
CON44/2/14 William Seward (Pestongee Bomangee) & Ann Adamson (Martin Luther) 07 Sep 1853
CON44/2/15 Thomas Brewer & Elizabeth Kinmont (Barretts Jnr) 04 Aug 1852