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Series Details

Series Number: LC347
Start Date: 01 Nov 1823
End Date: 30 Apr 1869
Contents Start Date:
Contents End Date:
Date Range of Holdings:
  • 01 Nov 1823 to 01 Apr 1841
  • 01 Dec 1841 to 01 Dec 1853
Access: Open
Creating Agency:
Description (Content/Function):

This series comprises a miscellaneous collection of sworn statements and informations concerning offences in the Launceston area.

How to Use Series:

Digital images of items in consignments 2 and 3 of this record series are available to view online by clicking on the item links below to get to the Item Details pages.

These images may be freely used as the copyright in state records is administered by the State Archivist who has made these images available to use. When using or sharing the images, please ensure that clear attribution is made to the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO). TAHO does not endorse any inappropriate or derogatory use.

Originals of consignment 2 records are held in Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston.

System of Arrangement:

Consignment 1 is not listed or indexed.

Consignment 2, a much smaller group of records, has been listed by name and digitised.

Consignment 3, has been listed by name and has been digitised.

Consignment 4 comprises one document.

Information Sources:

Items in Series:
LC347/1/1  01 Nov 1823 31 Aug 1825
LC347/1/2  01 Sep 1825 30 Sep 1826
LC347/1/3  01 Oct 1826 31 Dec 1827
LC347/1/4  01 Jan 1828 31 Aug 1829
LC347/1/5  01 Oct 1829 30 Jun 1830
LC347/1/6  01 Jul 1830 31 Dec 1830
LC347/1/7  01 Jan 1831 31 Oct 1831
LC347/1/8  01 Jan 1832 31 Jul 1832
LC347/1/9  01 Aug 1832 31 Aug 1833
LC347/1/10  01 Sep 1833 31 Jul 1834
LC347/1/11  01 Aug 1834 31 Mar 1835
LC347/1/12  01 Apr 1835 30 Sep 1835
LC347/1/13  01 Oct 1835 29 Feb 1836
LC347/1/14  01 Mar 1836 18 Jun 1836
LC347/1/15  21 Jun 1836 31 Oct 1836
LC347/1/16  01 Nov 1836 28 Feb 1837
LC347/1/17  01 Mar 1837 30 Jun 1837
LC347/1/18  01 Jul 1837 30 Nov 1837
LC347/1/19  18 Nov 1837 06 Mar 1838
LC347/1/20  07 Mar 1838 20 Apr 1838
LC347/1/21  21 Apr 1838 20 Jun 1838
LC347/1/22  21 Jun 1838 23 Aug 1838
LC347/1/23  24 Aug 1838 15 Oct 1838
LC347/1/24  16 Oct 1838 20 Dec 1838
LC347/1/25  21 Dec 1838 20 Mar 1839
LC347/1/26  21 Mar 1839 31 May 1839
LC347/1/27  01 Jun 1839 16 Aug 1839
LC347/1/28  17 Aug 1839 31 Oct 1839
LC347/1/29  01 Nov 1839 31 Jan 1840
LC347/1/30  01 Feb 1840 30 Jun 1840
LC347/1/31  01 Jul 1840 30 Sep 1840
LC347/1/32  01 Oct 1840 31 Jan 1841
LC347/1/33  01 Feb 1841 31 Mar 1841
LC347/1/34  01 Mar 1869 30 Apr 1869
LC347/1/35  01 Apr 1841 30 Apr 1841
LC347/1/36  01 Dec 1841 31 Dec 1841
LC347/1/37  01 Oct 1853 31 Dec 1853
LC347/2/1 William Field vs Thomas White, Breach of Agreement 21 Sep 1832
LC347/2/2 St John Edward Browne vs John Headham. Maliciously breaking down a show board 21 Sep 1832
LC347/2/3 Thomas Brockley, Breaking into house of John Hardy 25 Sep 1832
LC347/2/4 Thomas Broad, Possessing property stolen from Alexander Rose 13 Sep 1832
LC347/2/5 James McCann, conveying spirits to the station of ? road party 31 May 1833
LC347/2/6 James Malden vs Thomas Harris, Drunk & assault 08 Oct 1832
LC347/2/7 Thomas Prosser vs William Johnson, Threatening 06 Oct 1832
LC347/2/8 Henry Dowling vs George Warwick, Breach of agreement & refusing to return to his service 02 Oct 1832
LC347/2/9 Swindle vs Simon McLean, Possessing government clothes? 14 Sep 1837
LC347/2/10 Letter, from Simon McLean to F. Forth Police Magistrate, Campbell Town 25 Sep 1837
LC347/2/11 Michael Kennedy vs Thomas Roberts, Breach of Act of ? (impounding livestock) 25 Oct 1832
LC347/2/12 William Peck vs Mary Bacon, Breach of Act to regulate the sale of bread 27 Feb 1838
LC347/2/13 Swindle vs McLean, Breach of the Quarter Sessions Act 03 Oct 1837
LC347/2/14 Evan Williams, Feloniously stealing sugar from the house of John Burnley 14 Sep 1832
LC347/2/15 James Croome vs John Malcolm, Assault 08 Oct 1832
LC347/2/16 Thomas Burgh vs Thomas Barrowcate, Having in his possession a quantity of stolen posts & railings; Warrant to search premises of Thomas Dutton for Burgh's post & railings 08 Oct 1832
LC347/2/17 James Whitehead vs Henry Barton, Assault 07 Jan 1836
LC347/2/18 William Puddiford, Clarke & McCann, Feloniously stealing from the dwelling house of Thomas Jones 12 Sep 1832
LC347/2/19 Edward Foden vs William Holliday, assigned servant reporting master for striking him 06 Jan 1836
LC347/2/20 Charlotte Frederica Nixon vs Amelia Dudley & Anna Arabella Lazarus, Assault 07 Jan 1836
LC347/2/21 John Peers vs William Hill, William Fuller, Barnabas Newton & William King, apprentice of Robert Bell; requesting warrant to search for stolen timber 06 Jan 1836
LC347/2/22 Charles Davis vs John Leake, Assault (assigned servant vs master) 16 Jan 1836
LC347/2/23 Thomas Jones per Duncan, petition to Lt Gov Denison to cancel an order removing him from Hobart Town 06 Sep 1853
LC347/2/24 Henry Palmer vs William Burton Gould, Embezzling his master's money 03 Mar 1836
LC347/2/25 Thomas Jenkins vs Francisco De Rose, Stealing a jacket 18 Oct 1832
LC347/2/26 James Mulden vs Joseph Daniels, Drunk & disorderly 08 Oct 1832
LC347/2/27 Spencer vs William Ward, Unlawfully having in his possession a Green Gage Plum tree property of F. Spencer 12 Sep 1832
LC347/2/28 Samuel Hyams vs Samuel Levy; Threatening 09 Jan 1836
LC347/2/29 William Jones per Bardaster? assigned servant vs James Reid; Not sufficient food 03 Mar 1836
LC347/2/30 Jane Penelope Atkinson vs Hannah Stammers (per Edward) & James Wilson (per Moffat); Larceny 27 Jan 1836
LC347/2/31 Thomas Hustler vs Daniel Bragg, Assault, seaman vs ship's master 08 Jan 1836
LC347/2/32 George McLeod Tew vs John Dunlop, Breach of the Peace, attacking wife 23 Oct 1837
LC347/2/33 John Fanns? Charles Sambourne & William Johnson; Stealing salt beef 21 Sep 1832
LC347/2/34 Hannah Coe per Mermaid; Feloniously stealing a quantity of earthenware the property of John Cameron 18 Oct 1832
LC347/2/35 James Liddle vs John Williams, a seaman; Absconding & Deserting from his ? 01 Oct 1832
LC347/2/36 Memorandum from police magistrate Forth & William Bedford Jnr re: McLean 28 Sep 1832
LC347/2/37 Samuel McKee vs Edward ?Umphelby ; Threatening 22 Sep 1832
LC347/2/38 William Collins; drowning of John Jones 05 Oct 1832
LC347/2/39 Thomas Brockley climbing out of chimney of John Hardy's hut, seen by Achock, Chinese man 10 Sep 1832
LC347/2/40 James Earls, keeper of Canteen Public House x2 & John Lard; Breach of Act in Council No 8 (to prevent the harbouring of felons or other offenders & to restrain their tippling & gambling) 12 Sep 1832
LC347/2/41 William Yandell vs Thomas Roberts, Assault (related to Nennedy? vs Robert, Breach of ? Act ) 26 Sep 1832
LC347/2/42 James Wright (Asia); Javelin man who seems to be removing/selling clothes of prisoners in the gaol & taking them in food 24 May 1833
LC347/2/43 Adam Thomson vs William Mellish; Breach of the Act of Council No. 2 (selling spiritous liquors without a licence, in public house Britannia belonging to Thomas Monds) 22 Sep 1832
LC347/2/44 William Puddiford (573, Surrey 2), Edward Clarke (997, Surrey 2) & Edward McCann (999, Surrey 2); Breaking, entering & stealing goods from dwelling house of Robert Petty Stewart (another case with Puddiford, Clarke & McCann; same date) 07 Jan 1833
LC347/2/45 Samuel Hyams vs James Mcginess?; Assault (striking bailiff removing goods from his house) 09 Oct 1832
LC347/2/46 W John Langon, Charles Ross Nairne?, McKee (McGhee), Hubbard, James Fenner; Assaulting and beating of William Lashington Goodwin 10 Oct 1832
LC347/2/47 William Franks, Town Surveyor vs William Win; Breach of Act in Council #11 "for removing and preventing nuisances and obstructions therein" (not inclosing foundation hole) 01 Jan 1836
LC347/2/48 Antonio Martini vs William Hall (assigned servant to Martini) & John Cope; Robbery of Martini's property 20 Jan 1836
LC347/2/49 William Cove vs John Price & Charles Mort; Assault (while driving a cart) 15 Jan 1836
LC347/2/50 William Renton Kerr vs Thomas Jordan; ? (Jordan's took Kerr's wife) 18 Jan 1836
LC347/2/51 William Button vs Constable John Doyle, Assault (over Doyle's wife) 21 Jan 1836
LC347/2/52 (Chief District Constable) Charles Friend vs James Lucas, Breach of Act in Council #2 (Receiving transported offenders & allowing them remain on his licensed premises at the Springs) 12 Jan 1836
LC347/2/53 Elizabeth Key vs Mary Mitchell (her assigned servant); Stealing a sheet (Cut it up to make a shift) 02 Mar 1836
LC347/2/54 Simon Sla?e vs John Brown & William Perfect; Stealing a cheque 02 Mar 1836
LC347/2/55 William Peers vs Robert Bell (cabinet maker); Larceny (related to request for warrant). Mentions William Fuller and William King 01 Jan 1836
LC347/2/56 Thomas Scott vs Hugh Taylor; Stealing a fowl 15 Mar 1836
LC347/2/57 William Doran Lette vs Samuel Yates; Breach of Act ? (Employing Thomas Still, transported offender, servant of Mrs Lette). Mentions Thomas Harris 15 Mar 1836
LC347/2/58 Captain? Stewart vs James Nalin & John Flemming; Absent without leave & stealing apples (with soldiers in Government Gardens) 03 Mar 1836
LC347/2/59 King vs Joseph Barker & John Hall (privates in 50th regiment); Stealing apples (see Stewart vs Nalin & Flemming) 10 Mar 1836
LC347/2/60 George Robson vs Thomas Hall; Hall not doing work requested? 09 Mar 1836
LC347/2/61 Charles Richards (Constable) vs William Evans; Police Act (drunk, beating Richards with a stick). Mentions Frederick Carman, John Jenkins, Alexander Martin, James Bidey 01 Jan 1836
LC347/2/62 Margaret Hillton (shopkeeper) vs John Bickerton; Assault 28 Jan 1836
LC347/2/63 Michael Fenton vs Thomas Glass; Assault (digging up potatoes on Glass's land rented by Fenton). Mentions John Wilson and John Hall 15 Mar 1836
LC347/2/64 Emanul Charles Greene vs William O'Connor; Assault (struck with whip while clearing race course) 05 Mar 1836
LC347/2/65 James Connolly vs Arthur Dugan; Assault 02 Jan 1836
LC347/2/66 Puddiford, Clarke & McCann; breaking into house of Robert Melrose Ayton - third trial for similar offences on this date 12 Jan 1836
LC347/2/67 Augustus Walsh vs Charles Lucas (publican); Breach of Recognizance (allowing prisoners to remain on licensed premises without pass or attending on master) 26 Oct 1832
LC347/2/68 Inquest into death of William Laoage, drowned; statement of William Collins 17 Oct 1832
LC347/2/69 Inquest into death of Richard Baxenden, drowned; statements of William Speller & John Smith 16 Oct 1832
LC347/2/70 Rex vs William Whittaker (Lady Ridley); Feloniously stealing, taking and carrying away from the dwelling house of Benjamin Hyrons goods belonging to Henry Helps? 20 Oct 1832
LC347/2/71 Rex vs Richard Wood & George Smith; Having willfully and maliciously set fire to and burnt a house the property of ? Gilles of Goodwood 27 Oct 1832
LC347/2/72 Rex vs Thomas Dawson (457, per Asia 3) & William Watkins (per William Glen Anderson?); Feloniously stealing shirts property of Henry Brown & Maria Miller 18 Oct 1832
LC347/2/73 Williams vs George Hayward; Suspicion of opening a letter (sent from Joseph James of George Town to Thomas Williams of Launceston, and removing 20 pounds) 11 Sep 1832
LC347/2/74 Robert Petty Stewart Esq vs John Bennett, prisoner; Breach of contract 03 Mar 1836
LC347/2/75 Frederick Chapman (Lady East?, Muddy Plains Road Party) vs Charles Rout?, overseer; charged with striking o/s with an axe 12 Jan 1836
LC347/2/76 Inquest: body of John Jones, fell into North Esk while drunk 05 Oct 1832
LC347/2/77 Charles Friend, chief district constable vs John Connelly, licensed publican; Breach of Qr Sessions? Act (allowing transported offender on premises) 11 Mar 1836
LC347/2/78 Emanuel Charles Greene vs George Dore; Assault (threatened & hit while on race course) 29 Mar 1836
LC347/2/79 John Lamont vs John How & William Hammond; Trespassing & threatening 05 Jun 1836
LC347/2/80 Thomas Swindle, constable, vs Simon McLean 14 Sep 1837
LC347/2/81 William O'Conner vs Emanuel Charles Greene; Assault 05 Mar 1836
LC347/2/82 William Saunders (commander Brig Elizabeth T---) vs Thomas Crawford & Benjamin Caddon?; Seamen absconded 02 Mar 1836
LC347/2/83 Adam Thomson, chief constable, on man seen falling into a river 05 Oct 1832
LC347/2/84 Rebecca Barton vs William Harthund?; assault; living together 22 Sep 1832
LC347/2/85 William Effingham Lawrence vs John Williams (Moffat); Not working? 30 Mar 1836
LC347/2/86 William Birmingham?, constable, relating to Button vs Gould? 26 Feb 1836
LC347/2/87 Alexander Ainslie & Birmingham, constables, vs Mary Sampel/Lafferty; disorderly conduct 30 Mar 1836
LC347/2/88 Henry Palmer vs William Burton Gould, Breach of contract 04 Jan 1836
LC347/2/89 James Simpson? Esq vs John Foster; breach of Act #8 "for amending the laws to prevent the harbouring of felons or other offenders and to restrain their tippling and gambling" 23 Mar 1836
LC347/2/91 Petition to Denison by Maryan Burrell on behalf of her husband 01 Jan 1853
LC347/2/92 Petition to Young by James Page, prisoner in Launceston House of Correction 01 Jan 1853
LC347/2/93 William Taylor vs Thomas Lock, assault, Hobart 19 Sep 1854
LC347/2/94 Richard ? Weeks, master of ship "Kingston" vs Robert Davey, James Macey?, William Sargeant, Thomas Penny?, deserting ship, Hobart 26 Sep 1854
LC347/2/95 Michael Pattern? vs James Driver, boatbuilder; absent from work, Hobart 01 Sep 1854
LC347/2/96 Mathew Shaughnessy, constables vs AlexanderFrazer?; idle & disorderly person, Hobart 25 Sep 1852
LC347/2/97 William Peel, constable, vs James East; selling bread without weighing 23 Feb 1838
LC347/2/98 Conviction James East; selling bread without weighing 23 Feb 1838
LC347/2/99 William Peel, constable, vs Robert Evans; selling bread without weighing 27 Feb 1838
LC347/2/100 Wrapper? Insolvency Thomas Thompson ?
LC347/2/101 Summons to appear at Police Office, John Townsed, of the schooner Elizabeth 09 Apr 1834
LC347/2/103 Informations September and October 1832 cover title 01 Jan 1832
LC347/2/104 Wrapper? "Transmitted to the Reverend William Bedford Senior for his observations" 28 Sep 1857
LC347/2/105 Return of Offences heard & determined out of Police Office in March (1 - Edward Pride, drunkeness & insolence to his master) 31 Mar 1836
LC347/2/106 W John Smith vs Edward Lewis-Moffat 31 Mar 1836
LC347/2/107 Henry Prially? vs Mary Ann Bowden; neglecting her duty 30 Oct 1832
LC347/2/108 Augustus Walsh, constable vs Gueth? 30 Oct 1832
LC347/2/109 Sambourne vs Johnson, see A 19 21 Sep 1832
LC347/3/1 Rex v Henry Speakman, charged with a robbery on Major McLeod's property 09 Jul 1828 17 Jul 1828
LC347/3/2 Partial copy of Conduct record for convict James Chalkley (Equestrian 3) 02 Oct 1854 02 Oct 1854
LC347/3/3 Letter from the Campbell Town Police Station to the Superintendant of the House of Correction, Launceston, informing him that two escort constables, John James and Michael Kennedy, have been remanded at the Campbell Town office on a charge of misconduct. 20 Aug 1857 20 Aug 1857
LC347/3/4 Rex v George Emms, on the charge of stealing an umbrella from Joseph Briant, to the value of one shilling. 06 Jun 1849 06 Jun 1849
LC347/3/5 Certificate of conveyance for 3 convict women (Ann Edwards per ship Margaret, Lydia Jordan per ship Aurora, and Agnes Marshall per ship Tory 1) to travel from Launceston to Hobart Town. 02 Nov 1857 02 Nov 1857
LC347/3/6 A letter written by Robert Tucker to the Comptroller General's Office, requesting that his wife, Ann Edwards, serve her sentence in Launceston. 25 Nov 1857 25 Nov 1857
LC347/3/7 Rex v Walter Simpson, on a charge of stealing a saw 21 Jun 1828 21 Jun 1828
LC347/3/8 The information of William Phillips respecting the Robbery of Mr Walker's Hut on the 16th of June 1828 18 Jun 1828 18 Jun 1828
LC347/3/9 Depositions of witnesses taken at an Inquest held at the "Scottish Chief, " Wellington St, Launceston for the death of 'Yacoosa.' 24 Nov 1858 26 Nov 1858
LC347/4/1 Depositions of Hannah and Edmund Lee against convict Henry Lyall (Layton 2) for the alleged theft of a watch at their premises 14 Apr 1840 20 Apr 1840