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Series Details

Series Number: NS2122
Start Date: 01 Jan 1830
End Date: 31 Dec 1940
Contents Start Date:
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Date Range of Holdings:
Access: Open
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Information folders of material relating to various Tasmanian subjects of historical interest.

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Items in Series:
NS2122/1/1 Aboriginal information including printed copies of Joseph Milligan's 'Dialects of Some of the Aboriginal Tribes' (1890) and J. E. Calder's 'Language and Dialects' (1901) and letter by J. E. Calder 13 May, 1876 re burial of Trucanini. 13 May 1876 31 Dec 1901
NS2122/1/2 Cricket items including newspaper articles, letter and poetry. 01 Jan 1920 02 Aug 1934
NS2122/1/3 Hutchins School - C. W. Butler's notes on history of the school where he was Chairman of the Board of management for 25 years and a scholar from 1864 to 1871. Includes copies of school magazine for 1894 and 1937. 01 Mar 1894 01 Jun 1937
NS2122/1/4 Hobart Regatta - Tenth Anniversary Regatta, 1 Dec 1847 - list of subscribers (manuscript), Official Programme Jan 25 1876 (printed on silk) - two copies. 01 Dec 1847 25 Jan 1876
NS2122/1/5 Hobart Tennis Club - notes and 1988 President's Report. 31 Dec 1920 31 Dec 1988
NS2122/1/6 Miscellaneous copies of the 'Mercury' and the 'Illustrated Tasmanian Mail' containing references to the Butler family. 01 Dec 1927 03 Sep 1930
NS2122/1/7 Typescript (2 copies) of letter from Charles Butler to Bishop Montgomery re reminiscences of early colonists - Bishop Nixon, C. McLachlan, Capt G. F. Read, Captain Swanston, John Learmouth, Sir Alfred Stephen, Edward Macdowell, T. G. Gregson, G. Meredith. 27 Nov 1902 19 Dec 1902
NS2122/1/8 Letter c1935 to Miss Ida McAulay from A. V. Snadden re his father Capt John Snadden and his association with the barque 'Otago'; articles on Joseph Conrad's 'Otago' and other correspondence from Allan Villiers's re his ship the 'Joseph Conrad'. 12 Mar 1935 16 Dec 1937
NS2122/1/9 Typescript of a poem 'Fragment of an Epic of Purgatory' describing student life at the University of Tasmania, Hobart c 1900's, 'by K. P.' (author unknown), mentions Professor Williams, Alexander McAulay and describes the buildings. 01 Jan 1900 31 Dec 1900
NS2122/1/10 Typescript of a 'Narrative of the Wreck of the George 111, convict ship, 24 April 1835' wriitten c1873. Author unknown. 01 Jan 1873 31 Dec 1873
NS2122/1/11 'Australia in the Great War' - The Story Told in Pictures' magazine publication in 8 parts (Cassell & Co by arrangement with Commonwealth of Australia). Copies have B. Butler written on cover) 01 Jan 1914 31 Dec 1917
NS2122/1/12 Folder of miscellaneous manuscript notes on British history and a 'Translation of the Papyrus of Ra-Ka-Hetep, Commander in Chief of the Egyptian Army by Captain E. T. Martin, R.F.A. (F.S.A.). All notes undated. 01 Jan 1910 31 Dec 1930
NS2122/1/13 Narrative of an Expedition to the Head of the Derwent, and to the Countries of the Huon, Performed by George Frankland 01 Feb 1835 31 Dec 1835