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Series Number: NS2493
Start Date: 01 Jan 1907
End Date: 31 Dec 1929
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NG2052 JOHN VIVIAN ROBEY 01 Jan 1900 31 Dec 1965
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This series is comprised of three main items:

1) Photo of Miss Hilda Saunders (late Mrs J.V.Robey), sister Mrs Edith (Saunders) Lawrence, and son, John Lawrence. c.1907

2)Three small photos (pasted on card) of Viv and Hilda Robey, Maria Island (mid 1920's)

3)Six small photos, (pasted on a card) three of John Vivian Robey's house on South Maria (c.1922) and three entitled, 'Mr Ochenden's caravan...Mr & Mrs Saunders and Edward-trip to Port Arthur c.1922'.

(Included with the photos is a cutting from an unidentified South African newspaper of an article relating to John Vivian Robey's return to South Africa c.1966)

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NS2493/1/1 Photograph - -Hilda Robey (nee Saunders), Edith Lawrence (nee Saunders) and John Lawrence. 01 Jan 1907 31 Dec 1907
NS2493/1/2 Photograph - -John Vivian and Hilda Robey, Maria Island-(3 photos on card). 01 Jan 1923 31 Dec 1929
NS2493/1/3 Photograph - -John Vivian and Hilda Robey & others (6 photos on card) 01 Jan 1922 31 Dec 1922